Sky Silverstone

Hi I’m Sky. I’m so proud to be hosting a weekly show every Thursday from 1pm! Why not feel loved up by tuning in! The show is full of classic tracks from the past and present along with some fun chit-chat to bring a smile to your face. Plus, I’m on a mission to spread that loving feeling during the ‘Dynamite Love Hour’ in the first hour of my show.

What else is there to know about me? In short, I work on live TV, which I’ve done for over ten years as a presenter and actress. I’ve worked on many TV productions and films too including ‘Patrick Melrose,’ EastEnders and many others. In the little spare time I have left I’m a ‘Fitness & Weights Personal Trainer,’ helping others to feel good about themselves.

Remember, you can feel good too, by joining me in spreading the love every Thursday from 1pm, I guarantee it’s addictive!

Sky x