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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Harefield Hospital radio provides various services including outside broadcasts. We provide a public address service for fates and charity events, especially the schools and other organisations. We have been used by the Dogs Trust and other local charities. We are also available for private parties and highly competitive rates and remember all money goes straight back to the charity.

We will play music, make announcements, conduct interviews etc and hopefully make your event even better. We take our roving microphone along to each store and promote their wares, hopefully encouraging people to spend a little more money.

We also act as a central point for missing children and lost property. You can see it in action at the Harefield Fun Run every year. It encouraged the event to go on a little longer as visitors lingered longer in the happy atmosphere. We are available throughout the year, but do book early!

Our rates are a lot less than you might think, so why not let us make your special day even better! For more information contact us.